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In the epic Michael Mann film Collateral (2004), Tom Cruise's Vincent says to Jamie Foxx, Max, "Now we have to make the most of it, improvise and adapt to the surroundings, Darwin, crap happens, I Ching. Whatever man, we have to roll with it." This line embodies the Darwinian idea that the species that adapts the best to change is the one that will survive. The wristwatch we know today was created under this auspices.

Even though wristwatches were available since the early 20th century, the First World War made it clear that it was not practical to remove a watch from your waistcoat and cock it up towards your face, a gesture which brought tears of joy to flaneurs. Soldiers adapted pocket watch to wrist-borne devices. The first ones were modified pocket watches, with straps and lugs soldered on.Best Replica Watches Once the war was over, the wristwatch became a symbol for masculinity, and an indispensable tool for the adventurer, demoiselle, and romancing rake who needed to accurately plot their nocturnal movements.

The next big evolution in wristwatches was again brought about by necessity, and in particular, for a small Swiss company located in Schaffhausen. This brand had created a unique blend of American industrial ingenuity with traditional Swiss craftsmanship. The International Watch Company was the perfect name for it. The British Ministry of Defence (MoD), during the Second World War felt that civilian watches weren't suitable for military use. Instead of partnering with one specific brand, the MoD invited any Swiss watchmaker who could meet the required standard to build a timepiece. Twelve companies eventually were accepted. The timepieces, later known as "Dirty Dozen", were designed to provide durability and unmatched visibility under the most difficult of conditions. The acronym W.W.W. was used by the MoD to describe these watches. Standing for watch, wrist and waterproof.

The International Watch Company was one of those selected, whose MOD-issued watches met the basic design iconography required by the British Military. The dial was heavily painted in radium to give it a luminous appearance. It also had large index-shaped hands,Rolex Datejust Replica and indices with high visibility. The dial was a work of art in utility defined aesthetics, with a large bold chemin de ferr minute track and a seconds sub-dial occupying the lower part of the dial. This International Watch Company, now referred to as "Mark X", was distinguished from other Dirty Dozen timepieces by a larger seconds subdial which almost reached the center pinion. The company name was reduced to Patek Philippe Replica, and the stylised oval shape became its logo. The Mark X was a great watch, but it is fair to say, from a visual standpoint, that this watch set the stage for Patek Philippe Replica's most famous military watch, the Mark 11, which Patek Philippe Replica had commissioned for British aviators.